About Jean Kowalski's Art Career

A painting is unspoken words. It is poetry in motion; every vision, every stroke, every splash of color & every drop of energy.

My inspiration evolves from the myriad of nature’s gifts. The hues, shadows, textures and intensity of the colors are my passion.

As an abstract expressionist, I strive to create paintings that have a cohesive and vibrant color palette. The colors evoked in my paintings ignite a healing essence for the observer. The natural world gives me the ability to bring enlightenment to others. Each painting is infused with the energy of the world seen and unseen.

Jean Kowalski, visionary artist


Being raised in the midwest, I’ve had the opportunity to experience life in many towns and cities across the country. Each experience has been a transformative pathway to my creative work. My appreciation of the arts began at a very early age. I began to explore various mediums; pen & ink, pencil and clay. When my son was in high school, I came back to my art and settled with the use of acrylic paint because of the vibrancy of colors.

Currently I live and work at the base of the Rocky Mountains, in a small town called Palmer Lake. Here I am able to enjoy my grandchildren and play in the outdoors. The constant change of the landscape and weather provides a magically diverse exploration into shapes, textures and colors. The images and energy of nature are brought into the studio and infused into my paintings.

I am a self-taught artist, absorbed into rich texture and vibrant colors. During 2020, I was selected by a jury and commissioned to create a Dragonfly Sculpture for the Rotary Club's largest fundraiser of the year.


www. instagram.com/jean_kowalski_artist

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